Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season


There are four independent puzzles. Each puzzle leads to an English word or phrase.

If you're stuck, try Googling things.

The first person to solve all the puzzles will win a $50 Amazon gift card.

Download the Bitcamp mobile app to figure out how to submit your answers. Don't play with fire!

UPDATE: Someone has already won the prize but feel free to continue solving them! We would very much appreciate any feedback you may have about the puzzles so please email us if you have any questions or comments about the puzzle challenge. Once again, thank you for solving our puzzles!

UPDATE 2: Answers will be released at the end of the event! But if you want to verify your answers, there might be a way to do so hidden in the mobile app somewhere...

UPDATE 3: Here are the answers to the puzzles. Thanks to everyone who tried solving them. We hope you had fun!

I See Big Numbers (bignum)

You're getting ready for the best camping trip ever! You make sure to pack all the essentials: your sleeping bag, toothbrush, and of course, a good book to read by the campfire. Unfortunately, you can't find your favorite book! Solve this puzzle to locate your missing book:

9788853006585 + 9780451081070
9780345803481 * 9781534968998 - 9781446493830
9781400052929 * 9780345248282 + 9780099536017

9780141182957 % 9780060883287 - 9780545599320
9780814908891 / 9780060799168 + 9780919519077 - 9780143105022
floor(9781451673319 / 9780756933937) - 9780679890706

Ekrpat Telephone (ekrpat)

You and your friends are sitting around the campfire playing a weird game of telephone. Unfortunately, they haven't explained the rules to you. Luckily, your supernatural hearing ability allows you to hear what the first five people have whispered to their respective neighbors:

  1.  Fukafuzj Z'maf 
  2.  Ugtaug;h :-mau 
  3.  Giyagisd S[mag 
  4.  Icfaicoe O/mai 
  5.  Cjuacjr. Rzmac 
  6.  ... 

You're the 424,242,428th person in the sequence. What do you whisper to your neighbor?

Trilingual (tri)

While hiking in the woods, you come across cave. Inside you find a note written by the famous esoteric linguist, Steve Lokas. Lokas had three daughters:

  1. The first daughter was incredibly popular.
  2. The second daughter loved playing brain tricks on men.
  3. The third daughter was known for always staring blankly off into space.
What does the note say?

Hint: The whitespace in the note is significant. The file contains spaces, tabs, and Unix line endings.

A Japanese Classic (nurikabe)

Solve this Nurikabe puzzle and something should appear. Have fun!

If you have questions or think we made mistake, please email us.

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